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O’Reilly Center for Hunger Relief
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Springfield, MO 65801-5746

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Single Donations

Moving? Cleaning? Extra food in your pantry?

Ozarks Food Harvest and its 340+ member agencies appreciate your generosity. Whether it’s a few cans from your cupboards or a bag of groceries you picked up at the supermarket, The Food Bank will quickly get your donation to those who need it most.

Due to the unprecedented need for The Food Bank’s services, OFH is unable to pick up food drives at this time. Saving Ozarks Food Harvest the delivery or pick up of your food drive is equivalent to making an additional $50.00 donation to Ozarks Food Harvest.

All items to be donated must be in their original, unopened packages near the expiration date on the package. OFH does accept refrigerated or frozen goods as well as toiletry items, particularly diapers and detergents.

Note: Ozarks Food Harvest prefers monetary donations for The Weekend Backpack Program™ because The Food Bank can purchase the specific items at a bulk, discounted rate. In the past, OFH asked for easy-open, single serving items, but now purchases those items and requests for donations of toothbrushes and small toothpastes.

Food Drives

Holding a food drive is a fun and easy group activity and helps give people a sense of social responsibility. Food drives also provide critically needed nonperishable food for food pantries throughout the Ozarks.

For more information on how to organize your own food drive, and most needed foods, please visit our Food Drive page!

Virtual Food Drives

You can donate to our virtual food drive or tell your food drive participants to feed even more people by donating to the food drive and the virtual food drive.

How to Make a Single Donation

Bring your donation to Ozarks Food Harvest's warehouse located at 2810 N. Cedarbrook Ave. in Springfield, Missouri in the North Creek Industrial Park in North Springfield. Pull around to the North side and OFH staff will weigh your donation and give you a receipt.

To find a community food program in your area to make a donation to, please see our complete list of member agencies.