Ozarks Food Harvest urges community to volunteer

May 19, 2006

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. The Ozarks Food Harvest wants to ensure that each person in its 35 county service area receives a healthy and nutritious meal everyday. It is an outrage that people in the Ozarks must choose between paying for food and other household necessities. It is troubling that children and seniors, the country’s most vulnerable citizens, are forced to go without their most basic need—the need for food—because of a lack of resources.

Without the help of community members and volunteers, Ozarks Food Harvest could not offer the same vital support to Southwest Missouri and North Central Arkansas that they do. It is out of need for their support that Ozarks Food Harvest encourages the community to volunteer.

“We depend on philanthropy. Most people who volunteer find that nothing feels better than helping someone who needs it,” said Denise Gibson, Director of Development and Communications of Ozarks Food Harvest. Gibson continued, “People often think the only way to help is to donate time or money, but there are numerous ways to volunteer. We have people organize food drives, donate garden produce, or simply spread information about the number of hungry people in the Ozarks, and the devastating effects of hunger. Every bit helps.”

With your help, Ozarks Food Harvest collects and distributes over 4.5 million pounds of food to more than 300 non-profit agencies in the Ozarks.

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To learn more, contact Lindsey Neddenriep at (417) 865-3411.