Turning passion into action

Turning passion into action

April 1, 2021 in Volunteer Spotlight

Hollis refers to herself as a “world-class procrastinator”, but she wastes no time when she volunteers at The Food Bank!

Hollis began volunteering at Ozarks Food Harvest in 2017 after retiring from her pharmacy career. She always had a passion for helping others, and retirement presented the perfect opportunity.

“My mother had volunteered at a hospital and various other places when I was a child, and I always knew that I would, too.” she shared.

Growing up in a small town in southeast Missouri, Hollis was aware of poverty and how it affected those around her.

“Many of my classmates lived in true shacks with junk cars in the yard. The mines had pretty much shut down, and there were limited job opportunities,” she shared. “One family in particular that I was close to had an impact on me. If they didn’t shoot, catch or trap, they rarely had meat.”

Seeing her classmates struggle inspired Hollis to make a difference in her community. Today, she’s passionate about making sure children have enough to eat.

“I have always had a special concern for children. I can’t imagine what life is like when you don’t ever know if you will have the basic necessities. How horrible to be hungry,” she expressed.

When she’s not volunteering at Ozarks Food Harvest, Hollis enjoys floating on Missouri’s beautiful rivers with her three daughters.

“Just give me a book and a stream, and I am perfectly content!” she shared.

Hollis has spent more than 500 hours volunteering at Ozarks Food Harvest over the past four years, and we are so grateful for her service. If you would like volunteer with us and meet our volunteer family, please visit to sign up and get on the schedule. We’ll see you soon!