Who We Serve

Marcella, age 40

There have been several times I have gone hungry so my family can eat. I try to find something in my cabinets to fix so my children do not go hungry. Marcella, age 40

Who IS FOOD INSECURE In the Ozarks?

The average Ozarks Food Harvest network client may not be who you’d expect

He or she is most likely white, age 30 to 49, with two to three members in his or her family. These parents have high school diplomas and rent or lease a home. Their annual household income is less than $10,000, making them food insecure each month. They have medical bills to pay and make the hard choice between paying for food or medical care. Sometimes, that choice is between food and utilities. In a typical week, OFH serves 30,000 unduplicated individuals, or more than 10,000 households. That number is 261,300 unduplicated people each year. Across the United States, the Feeding America network of food banks serves 46.5 million people in need.