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Charity is a supplement to, not a replacement for, more viable and vital long-term solutions. Solutions like higher wages, a strong federal anti-hunger safety net and ultimately, a healthy economy for all working individuals. The challenges are complex and require collaboration among both private and public entities to expand the economic opportunities for America’s working poor. Together, government, employers, charities and others can address the root causes of food insecurity to ensure that every family has adequate food and nutrition.

Help show every Member of Congress that their constituents care about ensuring our communities’ children, families and seniors have access to adequate, nutritious food.

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SNAP makes a difference


a debilitating injury leAVES A TEACHER unable to work

Now, Jaime depends on SNAP benefits to feed her four kids. “When I found out there were going to be cuts,” she said of past SNAP cuts, “I stopped eating.” She was scared even the slight reduction would leave her without the resources necessary to feed her kid three meals a day. There are several federal food programs Ozarks Food Harvest supports such as TEFAP, CSFP, CACFP, SFSP and more.

Learn about Federal Food Programs
  • SNAP

    Ozarks Food Harvest conducts SNAP, or food stamp, outreach across 28 Missouri counties to educate those who are eligible to receive benefits about the application process.

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  • Senior Food

    Supplementing the diets of low-income seniors with nutritious USDA food at 33 locations across the Ozarks, this program provides more than 3,600 eligible seniors with healthy food through senior centers, churches and pantries.

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  • Summer Food

    Children who are eligible for free or reduced-price meals during the school year are also at risk of hunger during the summer months.

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