Host a Food Drive

It’s amazing how a simple, wholesome meal can bring balance to an individual who otherwise feels lost in chaos and instability. Bryan Stallings, Jesus Was Homeless, OFH partner agency

Provide meals for those in need

You can help collect food and funds for Ozarks Food Harvest and its network of food pantries and hunger-relief organizations across 28 Missouri counties. Schedule your community drive in the form below, or contact Sarah Byrd at (417) 865-3411.

Download most needed items.

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Needed items

No glass, please. Packaged, frozen meat is accepted directly at OFH. The Food Bank also accepts paper products and personal hygiene items.



These red barrels are available in four sizes. Simply specify the size and quantity you wish to utilize in the Food Drive Registration Form found above.

  • Extra large are 55 gallon barrels & hold up to 300 lbs.
  • Large are 44 gallon barrels & hold up to 250 lbs.
  • Small are 22 gallon barrels & hold up to 120 lbs.
  • Mini/tabletop are 15 gallon barrels & hold up to 75 lbs.

Specially sized boxes are the easiest way to collect your food drive donations. Request boxes in addition to a barrel if you plan on emptying your barrels during your food drive.

  • Boxes hold approximately 40 lbs. of food and non-food items.
  • Food Bank boxes are similar in size to a “copy paper box.”
  • These boxes make it easy for Food Bank staff to lift and stack onto pallets to wrap with other food donations.



Tote Cut Out 500px wide

Rolling receptacles are available for check-out at The Food Bank and work especially well for community events collecting food for Ozarks Food Harvest. Once on-site, they are easy to transport and very visible. Your customized poster can be secured to these totes.

  • Extra large totes are made available to partner food drive hosts, collecting more than 500 lbs. of food for Ozarks Food Harvest.
  • These larger totes (not pictured) have a base that is the exact size of a pallet—about 4 ft. by 3 ft.
  • Extra large totes are 275 gallon, more than 2.5 ft. tall & hold up to 900 lbs. of food & non-food donations.

Collecting change or cash during your food drive makes an even bigger impact! For every $1 donated, Ozarks Food Harvest can provide four meals for those in need.

  • The Food Bank has “cash jars” available for food drive hosts to collect funds.
  • These plastic canisters with lids are approximately 7 in. high and 4 in. wide, and they are branded with Ozarks Food Harvest’s logo.

cash jar


Make your food drive an event, contest or engage others in a virtual drive. Let us help you make your donation drive a success! Ask us about creative ideas to raise money and food donations.

Food Bank staff will weigh your donations and share the final impact with you. Thank you for saving OFH the pick-up of your drive. For 300 pounds or larger, arrangements may be made for pick-up, but please allow two to three days.