Mobile Food Pantry

This means that when the kids walk into the kitchen I don't have to say, ‘Don't eat that because I don't know when I'm going to be able to buy more food.’ Jennifer, age 32

Transforming Hunger into Hope

The Mobile Food Pantry delivers groceries directly to communities lacking either a food pantry or emergency food assistance program nearby. Product is served off of a truck to pre-qualified clients in just a couple of hours. These trucks also travel to counties that have an Ozarks Food Harvest-member pantry, but the partner’s physical facility might have limited storage. Another barrier for those in need is transportation. Many families lack the means of traveling to their nearest food pantry.


  • 55K


    received meals last year

  • 1.2M


    were delivered in 12 months across southwest Missouri

  • 15.7K


    were traveled across 12 under-served counties

Rolling to the Rescue

Each outreach provides about 10,000 pounds of food and supplies

Established in 2006, each mobile distribution now serves an average of 160 families, or 450 individuals. And because the trucks — donated by Ridewell Suspensions and area Rotary Clubs — are refrigerated, they can quickly distribute nutritious fresh produce and other perishable products before they go to waste. An outreach is $1,000 as costs associated with each distribution include fuel, vehicle maintenance, insurance, trailer usage, and driver salary and benefits. Food items and supplies distributed are both donated and purchased products.

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