A foundation of generosity creates ripples of change

A foundation of generosity creates ripples of change

March 26, 2024 in Volunteer Spotlight

Alyssa Nanneman is proof that volunteering from a young age can impact people and communities for years to come. A senior in high school, Alyssa has been involved in her community since early childhood thanks to her mother’s influence. Her positive volunteer experiences have built a foundation for generosity and drive, and now she’s using that foundation to get others involved, too.

“It surprises me when people don’t expect to enjoy volunteering,” said Alyssa. “I’m thankful my mom always took me to stuff to get involved when I was younger so I would know it’s fun and makes you feel good. I’ve grown up knowing I can make an impact and still enjoy it.”

That perspective helps Alyssa spread the word about the benefits of volunteering. As a service leader at her school, she’s in charge of finding opportunities for her fellow students. She knew Ozarks Food Harvest was the perfect place to make a widespread impact in a short time. In February, she began organizing classmates to visit The Food Bank.

“I thought if I could get [classmates] to come here, maybe they’d keep coming back. It would get them more involved in something that actually helps the community,” explained Alyssa.

Between her time at The Food Bank and her volunteer background, Alyssa has gained wisdom about the importance of getting involved. She chose The Food Bank because of the impact she makes for her neighbors while having fun for herself. Additionally, she appreciates the easy scheduling process and sustainable practices like food rescue and reducing waste.

She shared, “I think there’s background issues that cause people to have hunger. People need to be addressing those, but in the meantime, there has to be people like Ozarks Food Harvest to give them food while they’re trying to get a good job or the money to afford it on their own.”

We’re so grateful for kind students like Alyssa who are already making a positive impact in their communities. Attitudes like hers are contagious, and we’re hopeful that young people will continue to advance the fight to end hunger. If you want to get involved in hunger relief, visit to learn more.