Ameriprise encourages employees to give back

Ameriprise encourages employees to give back

December 12, 2017 in Get Involved

Ameriprise Financial employees strive every day to provide their clients with the best financial advice. Their company values respect for individuals and the communities in which they are a part of. Employees live out this value by donating time as volunteers.

Twice a year, Ameriprise Financial organizes a company-wide National Day of Service to help those in need. In 2016, 14,000 employees participated in this campaign and donated 81,000 hours of time.

Locally, Ameriprise Financial continues to give to Ozarks Food Harvest. Three area offices have given 589 hours of time.

“Volunteering for Ozarks Food Harvest is a good thing for our employees to do to help people less fortunate than us,” said Ron Penney, private wealth advisor of Penney, Murray & Associates, a private wealth advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial. “We continue to support Ozarks Food Harvest because there is such a big need when it comes to hunger here in the Ozarks.”

He explained that Ameriprise employees enjoy volunteering as a group at Ozarks Food Harvest every chance they are given.

“Volunteering here is great for the morale of our employees and for the culture of our company. We believe it is good to get out of the office and do something to give back to our community, instead of just working,” Penney said. “It’s nice to be able to see the crew outside of the office.”

Penney said when he was growing up he remembers some family members needing assistance, including his grandmother. He can recall people dropping off food to her. This has given him the desire to continue helping others today.

“Volunteering at Ozarks Food Harvest is something we all look forward to,” he said. “We enjoy the spirit of the team doing something productive and positive. It reminds us how lucky we all really are.”