Be a part of the Harvest Circle Community: Consider monthly giving

Be a part of the Harvest Circle Community: Consider monthly giving

April 14, 2022 in From Denise's Desk Harvest Time Newsletter

Did you know that monthly donors are critical to The Food Bank? While every donation makes a difference, monthly giving through our Harvest Circle program provides a steady source of funds that allows The Food Bank to plan ahead and respond to needs.

Each month, 50,000 individuals rely on our network of pantries and programs. One-time donations go a long way, but monthly commitments allow The Food Bank to budget these guaranteed dollars to support our network, even when unexpected expenses arise.

Monthly giving is an easy way to get involved. When you sign up for Harvest Circle, you can save time and postage by setting up automatic payments. If a larger one-time donation doesn’t fit your budget, monthly giving allows you to plan for the amount of your choice each month. Donation preferences can be changed or stopped at any time.

Setting your monthly donation is a one-time action that provides continuous support to people like Tammy, who attended a Mobile Food Pantry after inheriting three grandchildren. “The Mobile Food Pantry has had a great impact. I’m not having to tell the kids that there is nothing left to eat when they tell me they’re hungry.”

By joining Harvest Circle, you become an important part of the hunger-relief network. You can set your monthly commitment knowing that every dollar helps provide four meals to families facing hunger. Thank you for your consideration, and thank you for helping Ozarks Food Harvest to Transform Hunger into Hope.