From crafting to volunteering, Margene makes a difference

From crafting to volunteering, Margene makes a difference

June 2, 2021 in Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer and master crafter Margene Terrill made 32 quilts during the pandemic, many of which she gave away. But her desire to help others extends beyond donating her comfy creations. She has also donated more than 320 hours of her time to The Food Bank.

“I’ve always been involved in volunteering,” Margene shared. “I can’t imagine parents or seniors having to choose between food for themselves and their children and other necessities of life. I saw this as an opportunity to help others in need.”

Retired from Mercy Hospital’s print and mail department, Margene likes to use her time and passion for hunger relief to volunteer three times a week with Ozarks Food Harvest. Margene also knows from previous careers in dairy and beef farming how important food is for the community.

“This is such an incredibly rich country, and we have so much to offer those in need,” she said. “If we work together, no one should have to go hungry.”

Besides helping her community, the relationships Margene has formed are what keep her coming back week after week.

“I’ve met so many fascinating and dedicated people and feel a real friendship with them,” Margene said. “I have truly enjoyed meeting so many amazing individuals each with their own stories, but we all share a common goal of relieving hunger.”

The goal of Transforming Hunger into Hope can be daunting, but volunteers like Margene know that every little bit counts. At The Food Bank, just one volunteer hour helps provide 105 meals to southwest Missouri.

“Hunger is a very real problem, but just a few hours of volunteering can make a big difference in people’s lives,” she said.

We are so grateful for volunteers like Margene who have a passion for fighting hunger and like to help others in a variety of ways. Come and volunteer with us and maybe Margene will give you a tip or two about quilting. Sign up here.