Local Real Estate Company Has a Passion for Service

Local Real Estate Company Has a Passion for Service

August 14, 2023 in Volunteer Spotlight

Graddy Real Estate has a team of employees with a heart for helping people. Their team is able to help people every single day by connecting individuals to homes, but that’s not the only way they’re leaving a lasting impact on the community.

Director of operations Melinda Love shares that their CEO, Adam Graddy, encourages employees to find something they’re passionate about and take time to volunteer. “Our culture is really important to us,” Melinda explains. “If I had to sum it up in one thing: We love helping people.”

The company’s team has served their community in a variety of ways, including projects through the Victim Center, Harmony House, Stomp the Blues, and sponsoring families for Christmas. They want to lift people up. Now, the team is eager to tackle the issue of hunger in the Ozarks.

“It’s really sad to think that people in our area are going hungry. We all know people who’ve fallen on hard times. They all deserve to have their needs met,” says Melinda, who remembers what it was like to need assistance when she was a young mom working two jobs. Fortunately, Melinda had family to support her. “It keeps you from wanting to give up when you have that support,” she shares.

Through volunteering, groups like Graddy Real Estate allow The Food Bank to be that support for thousands of our neighbors facing hunger across the Ozarks. What’s more, they get to do it together. Melinda explains, “When we [volunteer] as a team, we’re not only giving back, but also team building. It’s powerful to know the impact you’re making because the sum of many can grow into something truly amazing.”

Since the company first volunteered at Ozarks Food Harvest in 2022, they’ve helped provide more than 11,000 meals to our neighbors in need. That truly is something amazing. Thank you, Graddy Real Estate, for coming together to help us Transform Hunger into Hope.