Local student gives back

Local student gives back

December 22, 2015 in Volunteer Spotlight

Missouri State University student Juan Trujillo started volunteering at Ozarks Food Harvest as part of a scholarship requirement, but came to truly enjoy giving back.

“Everybody likes to do stuff for themselves, but once you do something for someone else it’s easier to see the high priority of volunteering,” Trujillo shared.

The 19-year-old has spent 42 hours sorting and repacking food since he began volunteering at The Food Bank about one year ago.

Juan 2Trujillo, originally from Venezuela, had exposure to people in need, but was unaware of the large number of individuals who struggle with hunger in the Ozarks — one in six adults and one in four kids.

“You wouldn’t think the problem is that bad in the Springfield area, but it is,” he said.

When Trujillo became a full-time student last year his life got busy with schoolwork, jobs, extra-curricular activities and volunteer hours.

Trujillo is a member of the Multicultural Leadership and Construction Management clubs at MSU. He also works for his uncle part-time cleaning area bank branches.

He has more time to volunteer in December because school is not in session, but he values the importance of volunteering all-year round. Despite a busy schedule, Trujillo has made helping others a priority.

“Not only during the holiday season, but at all times it’s important to give back to people,” Trujillo shared.

As a day-time volunteer, Trujillo works will many different age groups — he has loved laughing and talking with all the workers.

“They are all really nice,” he said. “I have enjoyed meeting new people while helping our community.”


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