Making a Difference with Planned Giving

Making a Difference with Planned Giving

February 13, 2023 in From Denise's Desk Harvest Time Newsletter

If you, or someone you love, are looking for ways to make a difference for future generations, Ozarks Food Harvest offers planned giving opportunities. A planned gift allows you to extend your charitable giving beyond your lifetime and make a difference for families like Ricky and Natalie’s.

“I work two jobs, and my wife stays home with the kids. By the time I pay the rent, utilities and car insurance, we come up short. Ozarks Food Harvest helps us put food on the table. It gives us hope, definitely. It helps us get through the day and give back what we can. It’s what makes a community work.”

Planned gifts are typically bequests, but donors can contribute in a variety of other ways.

Consider designating Ozarks Food Harvest as a beneficiary if you have unused retirement assets, excess life insurance, or by remembering The Food Bank in your will or trust.

A financial advisor can help you design a plan that works best for you and what tax benefits might be available. No matter how you choose to extend your charitable giving, please know we will be honored by your long-term partnership. All gifts, no matter the size, make a difference.

Help future generations by including Ozarks Food Harvest in your will or estate planning. Your support will strengthen our community and help provide meals for families unable to put food on their tables.

For more information, visit, or call me at 417-865-3411. Thank you for considering a legacy gift to Ozarks Food Harvest that could change so many lives.