MSU Student Jessie Lucero Helps Neighbors in Need

MSU Student Jessie Lucero Helps Neighbors in Need

May 15, 2023 in Harvest Time Newsletter Volunteer Spotlight

Jessie Lucero is a prime example of young adults’ desire to get involved where they live. He’s a college student and ROTC member who’s eager to make a difference, but he’s not waiting until he finishes school. He’s impacting his community right now with just a few hours of volunteering each week.

At Missouri State University, Jessie is pursuing a degree in exercise and movement science, and when he graduates, will be a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army. He extends his training and motivation to volunteering at Ozarks Food Harvest. “I try to be efficient here because I can get more done and help more people,” he shares.

Jessie’s day starts at 5:00am for workouts or ROTC physical training and homework, followed by a volunteer session at Ozarks Food Harvest a few mornings each week. Then, he’s off to class for the afternoon. Although his schedule is full, Jessie says volunteering is something he enjoys.

“Volunteering makes me feel good, like I’m giving back,” he explains. “We provide access to food to people who need it. I know that I’m helping someone in the community even if I’ve never met them.”

Volunteering is beneficial to everyone involved. For neighbors facing hunger, Ozarks Food Harvest volunteers provide 105 meals for every hour of their time. For Jessie, it helps him improve communication skills and find a sense of fulfillment. That’s why he advises other young people to volunteer. “It’s important to be a part of the community you have opinions about. You can make it better,” he urges.

Volunteers like Jessie certainly do make it better by helping us get food into the hands of neighbors who need it. To get involved at Ozarks Food Harvest, visit