The force behind fund drives

The force behind fund drives

October 4, 2020 in From Denise's Desk Harvest Time Newsletter

We’re so grateful for all of the organizations, businesses, families and individuals that host fund drives on behalf of Ozarks Food Harvest. Did you know that these partnerships bring in more than $100,000 in donations every year? Fund drives are very important to The Food Bank—and they serve as a simple way to raise funds and awareness for the issue of hunger.

For every one dollar collected during a fund drive, Ozarks Food Harvest is able to provide four meals.

While The Food Bank is always happy to accept nonperishable food donations from food drives, fund donations have a greater impact. With a fund drive, we’re able to provide more meals than we can with a food drive. And due to COVID-19, we are currently encouraging fund drives.

Are you ready to help? Ozarks Food Harvest makes it simple. Collect donations at your office in exchange for a casual dress day, create a fun contest between family members or host an online fundraiser! When you’re ready to learn more or get your fund drive started, contact Sarah Byrd at We’re excited to see the impact you make! Thank you for joining us in the fight against hunger.