Year-End Donations and NAP Credits

Year-End Donations and NAP Credits

November 22, 2022 in From Denise's Desk Harvest Time Newsletter

I am thankful for every gift we receive from our generous donors throughout the year. These gifts provide so much more than food – they also give hope to families facing difficult situations. Right now, with the lingering effects of the pandemic on our economy, year-end gifts are more important to hunger relief than ever.

Year-end donations ensure the future of our programs. Because of those gifts, a child won’t have to worry about food on the weekend, a senior receives nutritious food, and a rural family has access to healthy produce.

Your year-end gift may benefit from tax deductions, or you could make it a part of your required minimum distribution from your IRA. If you have a Missouri business income and make a donation, you may qualify for a NAP (Neighborhood Assistance Program) tax credit.

To be eligible for a NAP tax credit, you must be an individual or business with a State of Missouri business income who has also made a charitable donation to The Food Bank. Eligible donors will receive a tax credit equaling 50% of their donation.

If you can make a year-end gift, visit us at Or, send a check by mail. If you have questions, call us at 417-865-3411. Thank you for your commitment to ending hunger in the Ozarks – this winter and throughout the year.