7 Billion Ones: Cortez’s Story

7 Billion Ones: Cortez’s Story

November 21, 2015 in 7 Billion Ones

Today, Cortez Villanueva is in the business of feeding hungry souls. Every Sunday morning, the 47-year-old man can be found in the kitchen at Ozarks Food Harvest member agency Crimson House Ministries stirring pots, baking biscuits and frying meats to feed the homeless who gather around Commercial Street. But 25 years ago, his life revolved around a different hunger game – drugs. Marijuana and crack cocaine were the “food” he was feeding to hungry addicts until he was arrested and sent to prison, serving 17 of a 20-year sentence.

Click this link to read about Cortez, who was once a drug dealer, but now is feeding those in need.

Ozarks Food Harvest has started a new partnership with Randy Bacon Photography to share stories of local people who struggle with hunger, and the individuals who are helping fight hunger. Everyone has a story, and we’re thankful the 7 Billion Ones project is helping tell them.