7 Billion Ones: Michael’s Story

7 Billion Ones: Michael’s Story

January 8, 2016 in 7 Billion Ones

The line of people waiting for food from the C-Street Connect pantry at Crimson House wrapped around the building. You could see the struggle, pain and exhaustion on their faces. But, surprisingly, there was also a lot of laughter.

Michael was standing toward the front of the line sporting a contagious smile, telling jokes and having fun. As we spoke about his life, I saw in his eyes a blend of heartache and hope. To say Michael has had challenges would be an understatement, but thankfully joy and hope are very hard to lose completely.

“I’ve struggled with depression ever since I was a teenager. It’s just a thing like I don’t feel like I belong. I like to keep to myself and isolate. I used to go fishing, ride bikes for hours, go bowling and camping, but I can’t do that stuff anymore. The good thing is, I do see a light, down the road. I’m doing whatever I can to keep a roof over my head, and I’m looking for work, anything part time. I’m excited because I have an interview coming up. What you get on food stamps, they don’t go the whole month, so a place like Crimson House helps you get through. It’s a blessing in disguise — there’s people that do care!”

Click this link to read the entire story on Michael, who receives food assistance from Crimson House Ministries’ C-Street Connect Food Pantry, a member agency of Ozarks Food Harvest.

Ozarks Food Harvest has started a new partnership with Randy Bacon Photography to share stories of local people who struggle with hunger, and the individuals who are helping fight hunger. Everyone has a story, and we’re thankful the 7 Billion Ones project is helping tell them.