7 Billion Ones: Pastor John’s Story

7 Billion Ones: Pastor John’s Story

November 30, 2015 in 7 Billion Ones

In today’s world, where many of us are working ourselves to the bone to buy the dream home, fancy cars and materialistic things, we often come up stressed and empty. Often, the pursuit of the dollar doesn’t bring true joy and peace. Maybe we can learn something from Pastor John as he shows us that having a purpose to help others is more fulfilling than anything money can buy.

“My wife and I had been pastoring and working in our denomination’s headquarters for more than 25 years when I felt God pulling me back to the front lines. Where light meets dark. It was a huge step of faith and it changed everything – for the good.

We started pastoring what would become Crimson House, as we know it today, in 2001 at an old building. We felt the Lord wanted us to create a place of restoration. The building was built around 1918 and it was a beautiful building, but was in quite a bit of disrepair. It was June 2012 when a terrible storm came through Springfield. We lost nine years’ worth of renovation in one day. It was actually my 30th wedding anniversary. Nine years’ worth of renovation, piece by piece renovation, was lost when a third of the roof blew off the building and water came pouring into our church. Everything we had done had just been totally lost. Everything.”

Click this link to read the entire story on Pastor John, who pastors Crimson House and leads the C-Street Connect Food Pantry, a member agency of Ozarks Food Harvest.

Ozarks Food Harvest has started a new partnership with Randy Bacon Photography to share stories of local people who struggle with hunger, and the individuals who are helping fight hunger. Everyone has a story, and we’re thankful the 7 Billion Ones project is helping tell them.