American National offers support through volunteering and fundraising

American National offers support through volunteering and fundraising

December 1, 2020 in Harvest Time Newsletter Volunteer Spotlight

The employees of American National are passionate about serving the community. Since 2016, the group has donated nearly 300 hours of time to The Food Bank.

Before the pandemic began, American National offered its employees at least two half-day opportunities to volunteer each month, and several of the business’ teams turned to Ozarks Food Harvest to enjoy a few hours of community outside of the office as well.

Although most American National employees are still working from home at this time, the organization encourages them to volunteer on their own. Mary Ackland, employee experience specialist at American National, hopes that the company can begin offering regular volunteer experiences again in the near future.

Mary personally enjoys volunteering because she knows she is doing something that makes a positive impact while getting to know her coworkers better.

“I’ve been blessed to get to know many other American National employees through our volunteer program who I would not have been able to spend time with otherwise,” she shared. “Our employees are humble, generous, enthusiastic volunteers who are more than willing to serve in any way they can.”

Since volunteer opportunities have been limited, American National made a gift of $15,000 to The Food Bank in November. This generous donation will help provide
60,000 meals.

“As a community, we must maintain supporting the efforts of our partner agencies, whether that be via donations or volunteering. I also believe that, as individuals, we should talk about the need with family and friends. We can raise awareness and get others involved,” Mary said.

We’re thankful for the caring, compassionate employees at American National. If you are interested in bringing your employees to Ozarks Food Harvest for a volunteer session, we would love to have you! Please reach out to Jolene at to get on the schedule.