Collaboration is key to overcoming challenges

Collaboration is key to overcoming challenges

December 6, 2021 in Bart's Hope Notes Harvest Time Newsletter

You’ve likely heard about and experienced the effects of the current supply chain crisis—it’s causing an increase in pricing and a shortage of goods in many areas, and we’re all feeling it.

Staffing shortages are affecting the supply chain at all levels. In the manufacturing sector, companies everywhere are facing labor struggles. In conjunction with increased demand, many suppliers are behind on the production and delivery of goods. Fewer workers at the retail level and a scarcity of drivers are also contributing to difficulties. Together, these staffing issues are creating bottlenecks, adding to the price of goods.

Even if the rising cost was not an issue, it’s becoming more challenging to get the food. Many stores are imposing purchase restrictions on products to protect limited supplies. Supermarkets have less surplus food to donate.

Many of our neighbors have large families—some are supporting both their children and grandchildren all under the same roof. With food costs increasing, it’s harder than ever for these individuals to keep up. Without The Food Bank and its partners, many would have to go without.

The issues from the fractured pipeline are magnified for many nonprofits, including Ozarks Food Harvest. However, as a food bank, we’re accustomed to challenges like these, and we have a history of overcoming them. Ozarks Food Harvest is finding new solutions and has strong partnerships that ensure we will keep supplying food to our network of hunger-relief organizations.

More and more individuals in the Ozarks have experienced hunger for the first time in this last year, making it even more important for Ozarks Food Harvest to serve its community. Through all of this, we have continued to provide meals at an elevated rate. The food bank provides nearly 2 million meals monthly, reaching 30,000 individuals each week.

We are committed to continuing our mission to end hunger in the Ozarks, but we need your help. If you are able, please consider helping us address this increased need. As the pandemic hit the Ozarks last year, we came together as a community to serve those who were struggling. Again and again, we are impressed with the generosity of people like you—it is this compassion that allows us to do this important work.