Donate blood, help OFH through new program at CBCO

Donate blood, help OFH through new program at CBCO

January 5, 2015 in Donation drive

More than 250 people give blood in the Ozarks daily, and while every donation helps someone in need, a new program from the Community Blood Center of the Ozarks allows blood donors to make an even greater impact.

LifePoints Lift awards points to people every time they give blood. Those points, which have a cash value, can then be donated to one of ten LifePoints Lift partner agencies, including Ozarks Food Harvest.

A whole blood, platelet or plasma donation is worth 1,000 points, a donation of double red cells is worth 2,000 points and bonus points can be earned throughout the year based on specific needs.

Every 1,000 points donated by those who select OFH would provide $1.50, or $5 for 3,000 points.

Among the LifePoints Lift partner agencies, The Food Bank recruited the most blood donors in January and won a $1,000 prize from CBCO. If OFH brings in the most donors through September, it will win an additional $2,000.

To support OFH when giving blood, tell the CBCO registrar that you wish to sign in for LifePoints Lift, then select OFH in the sign-in log.

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