Fighting hunger, one box at a time

Fighting hunger, one box at a time

November 2, 2020 in Volunteer Spotlight

For the past 11 years, Danny Edwards has dedicated his time to volunteering. Following a career of working with computers, Danny started helping with patient escort at both Mercy and Cox North hospitals in Springfield. After reaching more than 6,000 hours with each hospital, Danny was unable to keep volunteering due to the coronavirus pandemic. He started searching for other opportunities and discovered The Food Bank.

Danny helps out two to three days each week in the warehouse. He enjoys working on the assembly line packing Weekend Backpacks, but he also plays a vital role during the sorting sessions.

“I enjoy getting boxes ready for the tables,” Danny shared. “I mean that’s simple, but it’s a duty. It gives me a purpose—a goal to get up every morning and help people.”

When he volunteers, Danny likes to make the volunteers and staff laugh.

“I am getting to know all of the supervisors’ first names,” Danny said. “They all are very friendly with me, and we joke.”

By coming on different days for different sessions, Danny is able to build relationships with the other volunteers and staff.

“I’m glad that I’m on each different shift because I’m meeting different people,” Danny explained. “That’s another reason why I do it. I like to socialize and meet people.”

Through his experience, he has learned about The Food Bank and how important it is to get food to each of our hunger-relief partners. He recognizes the role each person plays in order to make this happen.

“We’re all connected out there. We all help each other to do one purpose,” Danny shared. “The purpose is to get the food out, and one of my functions helps. It seems simple, but still it’s needed.”

We appreciate the work each of our volunteers does for the greater goal of providing meals to children, families and seniors in the Ozarks. Be a part of the mission by signing up to volunteer with us at Maybe Danny will even tell you a joke!