Churches, groups host fish drives

Churches, groups host fish drives

February 3, 2017 in Food Bank News Food drive Harvest Time Newsletter

It is an unfortunate fact that too many of our neighbors in southwest Missouri are food insecure, and often have to make hard choices when it comes to being able to have nutritious food.

This is why in 2015, we came up with the idea to create a food drive campaign, targeting fish — a nutritious, high protein and low calorie food in order to provide a creative way for many Lenten observers to incorporate community giving into their spiritual practice.

Get involved in solving the problem of hunger this Lenten season by hosting a food drive at your church from March 1 through April 13 and ask people to bring cans and easy-to-open pouches of fish, as well as other nonperishable food items and funds. Any organization, church or individual can participate, even if they do not observe Lent.

In the last two years the Fish Drive collected 1,498 pounds of cans and easy-open pouches of fish, providing 1,248 nutritious meals for families and children here in the Ozarks. The Food Bank would like to make 2017 the best year yet.

Register your Fish Drive by visiting the food drive page or by contacting Jenna Brown at 417-865-341.


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