Jerry and Marilyn Corson

Jerry and Marilyn Corson

November 1, 2021 in Volunteer Spotlight

Marilyn Corson started volunteering with Ozarks Food Harvest’s Glean Team the same month she retired, encouraging her husband, Jerry, to join her.

For the last four years, the couple has made weekly visits to Ozarks Food Harvest’s home garden in Rogersville, MO, helping with all aspects of raising and harvesting produce.

As a retired nurse practitioner, Marilyn is passionate about the importance of healthy food. “In nursing, we learned that food, water, and shelter are basic human needs,” Marilyn said. “I know there are those in the Ozarks who have had struggles meeting these needs.” Marilyn and her husband both enjoy gardening as a hobby, so this is the perfect opportunity for them to do something they love, while also giving back to the community. “It’s a good way to give fresh produce to those less fortunate,” Jerry noted.

With 76 raised beds, two high tunnels, and an in-ground field patch, the garden in Rogersville is a core part of Ozarks Food Harvest’s Full Circle Gardens program, which works with local farmers and gardens to make sure no produce is wasted. This year, the garden is outpacing what it produced last year, thanks to the hard work of volunteers like Marilyn and Jerry.

The Corsons are a great example of how individuals can do what they’re passionate about while also making a difference. They look forward to a reason to get out of the house, get some exercise, and spend time in the garden each week. “I love the staff and volunteers at OFH,” Marilyn said. “We share the same passions for being outdoors, tending the earth, and harvesting its bounty.”

Thank you to Marily and Jerry for all of their work at the garden and for helping us Transform Hunger into Hope. Sign up to join the Glean Team with the Carsons at here.