Keeping families fed in Willow Springs

Keeping families fed in Willow Springs

January 8, 2021 in Agency Spotlight

MUNCH is so much more than a food pantry to many families in Willow Springs. The organization has been serving the community for more than three decades by providing food, low-cost clothing items and scholarships.

MUNCH, which stands for Missourians United to Combat Hunger, is currently open three days a week. Currently, about 35 families stop by to receive food each day.

“We were open six days a week before the pandemic hit, but now we do not have enough volunteers to be open that much. We used to serve about 500 families each month,” Rose Marcum, president of MUNCH’s board, said.

Rose has been involved with the organization for about 30 years. She’s always enjoyed caring for others and making difference.

“I really like helping people out—I could write a whole book about it!” she shared.

Ozarks Food Harvest delivers food to MUNCH every month. When families stop by to pick up their commodities, they usually receive an assortment of fresh vegetables and fruit, dairy products, frozen meat and several nonperishable goods.

“No matter what, I make sure every family takes home five pounds of potatoes. They are filling and can last people a long time,” Rose said.

When the pandemic started, the pantry started delivering food to seniors in the area. Rose wanted to make sure that they were still getting the nutrition they needed when they couldn’t leave the house.

“Some of them are so scared to go out right now, so we will keep doing this as long as they need it,” she shared.

We’re so thankful for how Rose and the volunteers at MUNCH are Transforming Hunger into Hope in Willow Springs! To learn more about MUNCH, feel free to give them a call at 417-469-3221.