Meet Agency Director Barbara Long

March 2, 2016 in Director Spotlight


Barbara Long began her journey with Nevada Community Outreach in 2001 as a volunteer board member. During her time as board president, the pantry’s longtime director resigned and Long was tasked with finding the pantry’s new director.

Her tiresome search lasted over a year — involving two new directors that did not remain in the position. Long had always wanted to attempt being the director, but felt overwhelmed because her mom was battling cancer.

After her mom passed away and Long had time to heal, she presented her wish to serve as director. The board thought it was a great idea so they problem-solved, the motion was passed and then it was official. Today, Long loves her job as director of the pantry.

Q: What do you like/love the most about working at the pantry?   

A: Some days I wonder what is rewarding, and then I am renewed by some person who appreciated the help or a family finds a new path to take when we encourage them.

Q: What is the best part of your job? 

A: Working with dedicated volunteers. People who work so hard as a volunteer absolutely amaze me. They show so much love for people and work so hard to make our world a better place.

Q: What is your most memorable client story? 

A: I once helped a girl with rent. She was a very sweet single mom and I just felt so bad that she was having such a tough time. I did not see her for a year after our encounter, but she reappeared in our office around Christmas time. She walked up to me and gave me a hug and said she had moved to El Dorado Springs and remarried. She handed me an envelope and asked me not to open it until she was gone. I did just that and it was a check for $1,000.  That was an amazing moment of someone really giving back.