Springfield mother inspires children to help community

Springfield mother inspires children to help community

September 15, 2017 in Volunteer Spotlight

Coletta Dudenhoeffer always felt like she wanted to be a part of something bigger. When she found out the devastating news that one in five kids in southwest Missouri are food insecure, she knew she needed to do something.

Dudenhoeffer has volunteered 174 hours with Ozarks Food Harvest since November 2013.

“It’s just so addictive, and I like to show my kids that instead of doing nothing all day you should get out and do something for people in need,” she said.

In addition to helping in the Volunteer Center, Dudenhoeffer gives her time to many of The Food Bank’s events, including Hungerthon.

“My favorite event of all time to volunteer at is Turkey Trot,” she said. “I have been volunteering there for about four years now and it is just wonderful.”

At Ozarks Food Harvest, she feels like she is never wasting her time. With a full-time job and four children to take care of, her days remain very busy.

“Ozarks Food Harvest gives me the chance to not just be mom for one night and I am still able to do something positive in a really big way.”

Dudenhoeffer also cherishes the friendships she has made during her time volunteering. “The camaraderie of like-minded people for the same

common goal is what keeps me going. I have formed so many friendships here and the volunteer coaches are just so good.”

Her experience with The Food Bank has inspired Dudenhoeffer to show her kids the importance of giving their time back to the community. She loves to take her younger kids to the Ozarks Food Harvest Garden and her oldest daughter to Hungerthon to volunteer.

“Now my children always want to give back to Ozarks Food Harvest because it has opened their eyes to what is really going on in our community.”


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