OACAC provides resources and hope in Dade County

OACAC provides resources and hope in Dade County

December 23, 2019 in Agency Spotlight

In 1965, community members banded together to create the Ozarks Area Community Action Corporation (OACAC). The organization was designed to alleviate poverty in southwest Missouri. OACAC currently serves 10 counties.

Betty Reno, Dade County Neighborhood center supervisor, makes sure families dealing with poverty have the resources and outreach services they need to get through difficult times.

“We work hard to help those in our county and community by providing resources and connections as well as helping them become self-sufficient while assisting with immediate needs when we can,” she shared.

Some of the services Dade County Neighborhood Center provides include life skills classes, emergency assistance, and emergency food and shelter. The center serves between 560 and 712 families per month.

Once a month, Ozarks Food Harvest works with OACAC Dade County by providing a Mobile Food Pantry, which serves nearly 400 individuals in need. Food is delivered and distributed at Main Street Baptist Church in Greenfield.

“We also work with Ozarks Food Harvest to provide commodities, as well as extra food purchased for our Emergency Food Bank. We offer commodities once per month, and we serve an average of 274 individuals,” said Betty.

OACAC provides food and resources for people of all ages. Half of people served are between 19 and 59, while the other half are children and seniors. Many people served live on a fixed income or have a disability.

Volunteers help OACAC run and serve as many people as possible each month.

“Oftentimes our clients are also our volunteers or become volunteers. It is heartwarming to see people wanting to give back and doing so,” said Betty.

Betty is excited about OACAC’s future as the organization continues to make a difference for families in need.

“I am learning more every day about how to make things work better. I am making connections with other agencies in order to provide more resources for our clients,” she expressed.

We are so grateful for OACAC Dade County and all the good work the organization is doing for families living in poverty! Learn more here.