Opening eyes and opening hearts

Opening eyes and opening hearts

June 29, 2020 in Harvest Time Newsletter Volunteer Spotlight

Before Emily Tompkins spent her days sorting food at Ozarks Food Harvest and helping out at our garden in Rogersville, she worked at a title company and a local restaurant. The coronavirus left Emily without a job and left The Food Bank without volunteers.

Thanks to a grant from the Missouri Foundation for Health, we were able to hire 30 temporary employees who had recently been furloughed from their existing jobs. Emily was excited when she discovered this opportunity. She says her eyes have been opened to the need in the Ozarks during her time at The Food Bank.

“I didn’t realize how many people were going hungry or relied on somebody else to help them put food on their table,” Emily shared.

Seeing how impactful her work has been on the community has been memorable for Emily.

“We’ll get the rundown of how many pounds of food we have either harvested at the gardens or sorted at the warehouse, and it amazes me,” Emily expressed.

After her work at Ozarks Food Harvest is done, she plans to volunteer on a regular basis.

“I am super thankful to have even been offered this opportunity because it’s definitely changed me,” Emily said. “I’ve shared with my family, and I know after all this is over, we are going to volunteer.”

Luckily for Emily’s family, we are opening our doors back up to volunteers beginning July 6. Check out the story on the next page to learn more about what this will look like. We’re excited to see you. Sign up to experience what Emily has seen at The Food Bank by visiting