New program provides milk to agencies

New program provides milk to agencies

October 30, 2017 in Agency Spotlight Major giving

This summer, Ozarks Food Harvest began a new partnership with Hiland Dairy to provide fresh milk to pantries and feeding sites.

Hiland provides milk at a deep discount to hunger-relief agencies through the Milk to My Plate Program and delivers the milk right to the agencies’ doors.

Deanna Monning, president of the Ash Grove Food Pantry board, said before the program, the pantry wasn’t able to provide milk to families.

“It was just too expensive to go to the grocery store and get it,” she said. “We had an awful lot of cereal, but we never had the milk to go with it. With this program, we can provide cereal and milk or milk, eggs and bacon, and there’s your breakfast.”

In the month of August, the Ash Grove Food Pantry distributed 81 half-gallons of milk, yogurt and cottage cheese thanks to the new program.

“We are pleased to support the efforts of Ozarks Food Harvest through this partnership,” said Rick Beaman, vice president of Hiland Dairy. “We know there are many families struggling in the nutrition gap — hungry children in our communities that are missing out on milk’s nine essential nutrients. The ability to distribute fresh milk at a cost savings to area food pantries will provide fresh food to more families giving them the ability for a healthier and active lifestyle.”

Fourteen agencies have signed up for the program, and so far over 500 gallons and 4,400 half-gallons of milk, 200 cases of cottage cheese and 300 cases of yogurt have been distributed to those in need.