Rebuilding lives in Mountain View

Rebuilding lives in Mountain View

April 9, 2021 in Agency Spotlight

The team at Agape House in Mountain View is passionate about serving domestic violence survivors. The organization’s facilities in northern Howell County and southern Texas County both provide emergency shelter and outreach services, food, clothing, crisis intervention, support group activities, life skills classes and so much more.

Every month, staff members help about 40 people work through the trauma of domestic abuse and rebuild their lives. Their work is absolutely critical for so many in these rural Missouri counties.

“Most come into the shelter with nothing or very little as they are fleeing a dangerous situation,” said Tressa Price, executive director of Agape House. “When they are working through the multitude of issues concerning their abuse, the last thing they need to worry about is where they are going to stay or what they are going to eat.”

Agape House works with Ozarks Food Harvest to keep its refrigerator and pantry stocked. Residents are free to use the kitchen throughout the day to prepare their own meals and snacks with guidance from staff members who are certified in food safety practices. In the evenings, everyone works together to prepare dinner. Agape House also helps outreach clients with food a few times a month.

“Ozarks Food Harvest plays an enormous part in our success in providing meals to all those we serve. They have been a key player in keeping our cost down, resulting in Agape House being able to serve more individuals,” Tressa expressed.

Tressa has seen the lives of many individuals transformed throughout her 20 years at Agape House. She recalls the story of a young woman who came to the shelter with her child when she had nowhere else to turn after experiencing violence at home. Her child was failing first grade, but within two weeks of arriving at the shelter, their grades turned around.

When the mother asked her child why their grades had changed so drastically, they replied, “I can sleep at night now, and I don’t have to worry about dad hurting you anymore.”

“We all cried. We watched that young woman not only survive, but she began to thrive for herself and her child,” Tressa said. “Today she is an amazing independent, successful, and strong young woman.”

The 14 staff members of Agape House stick by their clients every step of the way. From the time they arrive at the shelter to the day they settle into their new homes, they have the support they need to overcome abuse.

Tressa is optimistic about the organization’s future and looks forward to what’s next.

“Agape House has had to jump many hurdles over the past 30 years to keep providing shelter and safety for victims of domestic violence. We are confident that through hard work and dedication, we will continue to do so.”

We’re so thankful for our friends at Agape House and how they are serving the Ozarks!