Spreading hope in Polk County

Spreading hope in Polk County

August 9, 2021 in Agency Spotlight

A woman experiencing homelessness came to Community Outreach Ministries in Bolivar for food assistance. She not only received the food she needed, but she also worked with a case manager to help pull herself out of homelessness.

When Community Outreach Ministries connected her to a housing program, she expressed what the organization meant to her.

“I’m sad to be leaving you guys because you all have become like a family to me,” the woman shared.

Community Outreach Ministries is a faith-based nonprofit dedicated to helping people encountering tough times in many different ways.

“Our motto is ‘Help for Today. Hope for Tomorrow,’” Micah Titterington, executive director, said. “This encapsulates our two-fold philosophy of helping—we want to provide emergency relief in crisis situations where we can prevent people from falling deeper into poverty but also offer long-term case management to help individuals set goals, connect to resources, and be empowered to improve their situation and live thriving, healthy lives.”

The Food Bank’s goal of Transforming Hunger into Hope aligns with that of Community Outreach Ministries, making our partnership that much more impactful. The food that the organization distributes to Polk County comes from Ozarks Food Harvest.

“This partnership allows us to distribute way more food to the people we serve than we otherwise could have just purchasing food from regular stores,” Micah explained.

During the COVID-19 crisis, Community Outreach Ministries transitioned to a drive-thru food distribution model, a change that the people it supports greatly appreciate. Another development the nonprofit has made is a partnership with the local health center.

“During times like now when COVID cases have spiked, the health center can now send us direct referrals for families who are quarantined and unable to leave their home,” Micah shared. “Our case managers have been able to both set up grocery deliveries for them and also to assist with paying their rent or utilities if they are unable to work because of their quarantine.”

The residents of Polk County have been very grateful to have access to the valuable resources at Community Outreach Ministries during the pandemic. Josh, a recipient of food from Community Outreach Ministries, expressed his gratitude for the support.

“Thank you for being open,” he said. “It was just such a great feeling knowing that people cared.”

We are proud to provide meals to people in Bolivar through Community Outreach Ministries. The nonprofit’s holistic approach makes a huge difference in its county. Learn more about the work Community Outreach Ministries does and get involved at