Denise Gibson: Supporters raise awareness

July 27, 2016 in From Denise's Desk Harvest Time Newsletter

Denise 10Thirty-eight-year-old Amy often worries if she’ll have enough food to feed her kids.

“As a single parent it’s a struggle to provide to my four children,” she shared. “Sometimes it’s more difficult to provide for my kids during the summer months. I just work more to make up for the difference, but that’s hard on my family, too.”

One in six adults and one in four children in southwest Missouri face the heartbreaking reality of hunger. Families like Amy’s are all too common in the Ozarks. Working hard to make ends meet, but at the end of the day coming up too short to provide even the most basic necessities.
But those facing hunger have hope because you care and give of your time and treasure.

This September is the annual Hunger Action Month — a chance for Ozarks Food Harvest and hunger-relief organizations across the country to shed light on food insecurity and ways the community can help.

As a supporter of The Food Bank, you know how hunger affects the Ozarks, but there are still many who don’t know how widespread the issue is, or aren’t sure how they can make a difference. This September I encourage you to participate in events like Go Orange Day, Hungerthon and Empty Bowls. You can learn more at our events page.

Please also take the opportunity to tell someone about the work we do. When we work together, we can Transform Hunger into Hope.

Denise Gibson is the director of Development and Communication at Ozarks Food Harvest.