Temporary employee takes on full-time role at The Food Bank

Temporary employee takes on full-time role at The Food Bank

June 18, 2020 in Volunteer Spotlight

Kevin Richardson moved back to Springfield to teach, but the coronavirus interrupted his plans, leaving him without a job. Fortunately, Kevin was able to find temporary employment at The Food Bank. While everything had not gone according to plan, he did not let that stop him from being open to new opportunities. After working with us for a few months, Kevin accepted a position as a volunteer coach.

With a background in education and previous experience working with nonprofits, Kevin is excited to bring his knowledge to the volunteer program.

“It’s really interesting because this position combines a lot of things that I love and that I’ve done throughout my career,” Kevin shared. “I am very happy to be getting back into the nonprofit world as a part of this organization.”

Throughout his time at Ozarks Food Harvest, Kevin has learned more about the need in the Ozarks and The Food Bank’s outreach. He has understood the value of volunteers in a new way since he began working with us.

“The first thing that really amazed me was the fact that we were all hired to come in and replace volunteers that usually do all of this, that there was such a volume of volunteers who would come through to run an operation of this size with the amount of food that’s coming in and out,” Kevin said.

As a volunteer coach, Kevin hopes to excite volunteers to come back and bring their friends.

“I hope that they come back once they’ve been here and that they help spread the word and get more people to come because they’ve enjoyed it,” Kevin said. “I hope that they’ve learned that there is a problem, but also that there is a way that they can address it.”

According to Kevin, volunteering is a great way to open your eyes to the need around you.

“Hunger and homeless are in that same category. People hear about it, but they don’t really get it,” Kevin explained. “You don’t really understand it until you volunteer for a place like this or you get involved with some situation where it opens your eyes.”

To have an experience like Kevin’s, visit to learn about how you can help. Volunteering sessions begin again July 6. Come join us and maybe Kevin will be your volunteer coach!