Volunteer Brings Produce Expertise to The Food Bank Each Week

January 8, 2019 in Volunteer Spotlight

“Hey Josh, do those bananas look okay?”

“Josh, can you take a look at these onions?”

These are just a few of the questions Josh Love is regularly asked by fellow volunteers during produce-sorting days in the Volunteer Center.

“It’s nice to have a good eye for sorting produce,” he said. “Sometimes there are some really interesting things donated, and other volunteers ask me if they’re good or bad.”

Love, a produce manager at Price Cutter in Springfield, began volunteering at Ozarks Food Harvest a year ago soon after beginning his job. Price Cutter encourages its employees to give back to the community, and multiple stores across the area regularly donate food through the Retail Pick-Up Program.

As the produce manager, Love orders and categorizes fruits and vegetables for the store. He also decides what items get donated to Ozarks Food Harvest. Sometimes during his volunteer shift, he even sorts food from his store once it arrives at The Food Bank.

“It’s great seeing the pounds sorted and meals provided at the end of session,” he shared. “I feel like I’m really making a difference.”

Since January 2018, Love has donated more than 100 hours of time to help put food on the table for struggling families. Volunteering each week has changed perceptions about food insecurity.

“It kind of opens your eyes to how many people really are hungry in the community,” he said.

Ozarks Food Harvest is extremely grateful for Josh’s compassion to help food insecure children, families and seniors in the Ozarks. To apply for volunteer opportunities and self-schedule, visit