We could not have picked better volunteers!

We could not have picked better volunteers!

April 25, 2022 in Food Bank News

April 25-29 is Volunteer Appreciation Week! Our volunteers mean the world to us, and they have helped us make meals happen for thousands of our neighbors facing hunger.

Our Volunteer Engagement Team has worked hard putting together a special week and we can’t wait to celebrate them all week long.
We’re also recognizing all volunteers who have spent time with us in the last year and donated 21+ hours throughout their lifetimes to fighting hunger. We are so thankful for each hour that you have sorted, packed, organized and distributed food for families facing hunger!

3,000+ Hours

Jim Blackwell
Arlene Eichler

2,000-2,999 Hours

Kris Dreesen
George Lawrence

1,000-1,999 Hours

Ruby Allen
Gale Clithero
Gary DeHaven
Wil Hardiman
Donald Landon
Cindy McDonough
Melody Pierson
Harley Snyder
Lona Wait

500-999 Hours

Kenneth Carnahan
Sharon Cook
Dewayne Cossey
Margene Terrill
Amy Viets-Cooper

500-749 Hours

Central Bank of the Ozarks
Cindy McDonough
Eileen Deal
Expedia, Inc.
Lou Ann Cornelison
Mary Thomas
Republic- National Honor Society
Tom Carson

250-499 Hours

Desiree Dixon
Dave Lappin

100-249 Hours

Michael Baird
Jen Battagler
Margaret Beem
Ralph Bethea
Debra Brady
Patrick Cunningham
Ed Ferris
Jeff Foster
Linda Frieda
Ryan Gilberg
Sam Green
Janice Grimes
Janet Haase
Alexander Hamm
Mallory Hancock
Dave Harmer
Elizabeth Knowles
Jeannette Napoleon
Ellen Olson
Joel Peacock
Sumner Popp
Daniel Regier
Michele Sparks
Jay Sparks
Chris Ward
Julia White
Donna Zeitz

20-99 Hours

Ginny Amberger
Olivia Amberger
Steve Atwood
Bill Basta
Thomas Bernard
Robyn Black
Karl Blanton
Brandi Bowers
Bob Brady
Gabrielle Brown
Linda Brown
Jenni Buchanan
Renee’ Cook
Jerry Corson
Michael Cunningham
Jacqui Degen
Thomas Dibadj
Marck Dragoi
Betsy Esquivel
Mario Esquivel
James Fultz
Melissa Gallian
Alexis Hargis
Darien Harmer
Matthew Harmer
Sam Hayes
Mark Herron
Madeline Horrell
Jerri Ilkiw
Barbara Johnson
Eddie Jones
Morgan Keith
Megan Keller
John Keyes
Grace King
Kaitlyn King
Katherine Krasovec
Maverick Lewis
Melissa Liehr
Faith Little
Travis Love
Jessie Lucero
Rose Magaw
Jeff Marler
Seamus McKenzie
Angela Minnich
Angelina Navarro
Adam Neighbors
Angela Neu
Vasant Patel
Kevin Perez
Craig Peterson
Debra Peterson
Zach Reineri
Ashley Rodriguez
Naseem Saquer
Fred Schlegel
Kenneth Simons
Allison Stephens
Eric Stewart
Aarya Thavaran
Aaryan Thavaran
Biju Thavaran
Remya Thavaran
Pamela Trammell
Thuan Tran
Sue VonStrohe
Patrick Walden
Jane Wheelbarger
Terry White
Logan Wich
Barbara Wilkins
Kitty Williams
Jack Williams
Ryan Williams
Gary Wingo
Joseph Woodiel
Katie Worley