Wesley United Methodist Church: Cheerful Givers

Wesley United Methodist Church: Cheerful Givers

October 3, 2022 in Harvest Time Newsletter Volunteer Spotlight

This summer, Wesley United Methodist Church reached a 4,000 volunteer-hours milestone. It is the largest amount of volunteered time a group has ever given at Ozarks Food Harvest.

Their generous service helped provide more than 420,000 meals to our neighbors in southwest Missouri.

Terry White, the church’s Volunteer Coordinator for The Food Bank, says they volunteer because they want to feed people in need. “We realized hunger was the number one problem in our community. When you volunteer, you feel like you’re doing something worthwhile,” White said, “I’ve met seniors who get the senior boxes. It’s very personal to us. More personal than writing a check.”

Service is important to volunteers from Wesley. They volunteer at many pantries and feeding sites in the area and enjoy their time at Ozarks Food Harvest. “The volunteer coaches are great and they always bend over backward for us. We’re a big church, and one of the benefits of volunteering is that it helps you get to know more people in the congregation. You work side by side and get to talk more. We look forward to it!”

We look forward to the time they spend with us, too. Thank you so much to Wesley United Methodist Church. We’re humbled by their commitment to service and their dedication to our community.