Ozarks Food Harvest donates 6 millionth meal to Least of These in celebration of 25-year partnership

Ozarks Food Harvest donates 6 millionth meal to Least of These in celebration of 25-year partnership

December 15, 2023

Ozarks Food Harvest donated their 6 millionth meal to Least of These, Inc. on Thursday in celebration of their 25-year-long partnership that began in 1998. Through their partnership with Ozarks Food Harvest, Least of These distributes USDA food, Senior Boxes, fresh produce and additional food items to more than 1,400 families each month.

The Food Bank is celebrating milestones for its network of 270 faith-based and community charities spread across a third of the state of Missouri. Least of These, a leading food pantry in Christian County, was chosen as the first network partner to be celebrated due to their long history with The Food Bank and efforts to end hunger in Christian County.

Least of These and Ozarks Food Harvest representatives gave remarks about their history and partnership, followed by a ribbon-cutting ceremony in front of Ozarks Food Harvest’s truck unloading area to celebrate the donation of the 6 millionth meal.

“We are truly fortunate to have partners like Least of These at a time of such unprecedented need,” said Bart Brown, president and CEO of Ozarks Food Harvest. “This was a great opportunity to highlight their outstanding work as well as emphasize to the community that Least of These needs more help than ever.”

Since 2010, Ozarks Food Harvest has provided more than $100,000 in grant funding and 9.5 million pounds of food to Least of These. Ozarks Food Harvest also delivers food, door-to-door, free of charge to its network of community and faith-based partners to ensure they can focus on feeding families.

Least of These is currently experiencing a dramatic increase in demand for food from families in Christian County where 1 In 10 individuals face hunger. If you are interested in volunteering or donating, please visit Least of These’s website at

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